Welcome to my favorite section. I think the biggest amount of time and effort that I've devoted to the construction of this site is here. So, I'll be very disappointed if you're one of those "Hell_there_are_no_roms" visitors and you just go away without at least take a look. These comics are like mangas with pages, dialogues and something like japanesse style artwork, and I'm the artist who made them ... they aren't sprite based comics or jokes. And for the content ... well, I don't think they are necessary "violent" in the whole sense of that word (at least those which are "supossed" to be violent). Actually, I like to see them as the games ... with action and big fights. For a best experience, those links will open new web browser windows. Had fun, put comments in the guestbook or do whatever you think will make me create more comics ... that helps ^_^

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Fire Man vs Tengu Man The Brothers Meet Fire Man Revenge The Ultimate Face of the War
Inked B&W
15 pages
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16 pages
Inked B&W
19 pages
Inked B&W
42 pages





This is a complete series about Fire Man, one of my favorite Robot Masters and bad guy. He's not in any way a happy or funny character. You can see him smashing and kicking some Robot Masters but the big deal here is understand his dark and perturbed mind. Hate, ambition and envy constructed his personality and now after more than ten years he's back in an alternative world (my "universe") after the storyline of any Mega Man game. I'm bad with small introductions and I know, almost one year between the first and the last issue, I'm missing a lot of details .... so you must read it and see it now. The links above are for the spanish version of the comics, but please, keep reading to find the english version out. If, after knowing that, you just want to check the artwork, well, I'll only say that the later the launch date, the better the art ... =_0

The language barrier is not anymore a problem with the kick ass english translation done by my friend Shoto Man! Thanks to him finally the pages of Fire Man vs Tengu Man,  The Brothers Meet, Fire Man Revenge and The Ultimate Face of the War are now fully translated (not just text as I offered you above). There's no excuse. You can't miss these comics now! Skip the links above and go here for the ultimate Fire Man experience!!

Fire Man in your language!


The comics below are in full English (BTW, sorry for the grammar =/ )

One Shots

Ok, these comics are so small that they don't even have a cover and I put their index right here. Usually they are funny, but I don't know if that will be a rule in the future =)

Poor Iris
Pencil Grayscale
A First Contact !!
Inked B&W
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In this one page comic Iris discover how much popular she's between her fans. >:) I made this one really fast. Artwork isn't so good, though.

Here is another comic with an Iris maybe more annoyng than ever. Should I say that I don't hate her? Oo Anyway, this is the first comic where I introduce an original character ... and she's making fun of everything that happens! ^_^


Artwork, script and original characters Copyright © 1998-2000 IRA / Iván Rodríguez Asqui
All other characters are copyright of their respective owners
I'm boring writing this again Oo