Welcome to one another big section of my site. Now it's revamped and more organizated cause it only contains the characters that have appeared in my comics and not every single character of the MM games (something impossible to reach with my small free time). These are little profiles with a brief description of who is who in my storyline. Yep, don't take them as official profiles or something related with Capcom. Here they are as the way I see them on MY comics.


Fire Man

Tengu Man

Mega Man








Since my comics were here before this section came up, I don't know if you should read this first or go first to the comics. I guess this section is more oriented to my old readers who would like to know a bit more about my version of them.

Again, some profiles may look exactly as the Capcom ones, since I'm more Capcom influenced (game facts and events), but that doesn't means I'm a blind follower of their plot. You'll find a lot of personal details wich aren't oficial. So please avoid mails saying "Hey: that's not true", or, "Don't you know that guy is already dead?" It's enough hard to be consistent with my own plot cause I'm quite inestable. I changed my way to see a lot of them since the last year. So please, bear with me. :P Don't forget to check the artwork that they have on their pages. And of course don't even try to touch my original characters!!! Look at this face: >=(  He looks rude, doesn't it??


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