System Requeriments

This site is optimized for slow connections. I'll be glad if everything loads fast but the Links section ... it's got too many banners ^_^ Anyway, be sure to:

  • Set your monitor at least in 800x600. And a maximized window. Some tables may get outside the area of your monitor in smaller resolutions.
  • Comics looks great at 1024x768. Bigger res aren't needed.
  • 256 colors is enough for comics, but CGs and the site in general looks great with 16bit color or greater.
  • Enjoy this site with the left frame enabled. I used to hate frames, but I don't have time to put and update a nav bar in every single page of my site. Trust me, navigation will be easier with that frame.
  • This is silly but I like dark brightness in my monitor. If you can't read something like letters in the background of this table, you're using a similar brightness value than me. If you can read it clearly, mmm, I might be using sunglasses. =)

Ok, you wanna me saying it, right? Here we go: This site looks better with:
Internet Explorer
That's it!

Hey!Did you really care all this crap?!