05/Mar/01 This is it! Finally Comic 4: The Ultimate Face of the War has been translated! Shoto Man made a big work given that this is one of the longest comics ever! Ha ha! And now Fire Man Lives merged completely to IRAGINATION. There's no more space in this account, so I "planned" to end everything here with this update. So, this is the last important change to this news page. Any new change to FML will be stored on IRAGINATION. I keep this section avaliable only for information, that's all. Ok ok, to build this site was great, thanks a lot for the support people ^_^ Fire Man Lives Forever!

17/Sep/00 Added a lot of links. Phew! Soon I'll use this links page for Iragination .... See ya!

05/Sep/00 Ah, man, one of the coolest Fire Man Comics comics has been traslated by ShotoMan, this is Comic 3: Fire Man's Revenge. Take a look to it >=)

20/Aug/00 Hice algunos cambios aquí y allá. Nada en especial, pero den una miradita por ahí =P

22/Jul/00 Added Old Gallery 4. Iragination is growing too. Hell yeah!

26/Jun/00 Too many things! Go here!

29/May/00 At last I made a new CG (damn, I used to upload SETs of CGs). It's not a mistake, Tron Bonne is in the cover image. She's one of those strange cases when after seeing enough fan art of a character, I end up making my own fan art. I say this because I haven't played Dash yet. Oo

22/May/00 The world won't be the same again. MM webmasters around the world are excited with the announcement of Capcom's Mega Man X5. YES YES ! No more rumors, it's official and it's comming!! =D Gosh, what new secrets this game will reveal?? Oo Oo I can't wait to see! Ok, I'm not very good covering games news, so visit more MM sites and find the X5 goodies which are already online. Here I have created zip files of my four main Comics (spanish version so far). So, you can download and enjoy them off line. I hope you found this service useful ^_^ C-ya!

22/May/00 Hola amigos. He agregado versiones zipeadas de mis Comics para que puedan bajárselos completos y disfrtutar de ellos fuera de línea. Por otro lado MMX5 ya ha sido anunciado por Capcom y quizá salga a fines de año. ¡Al fin! Bueno, que disfruten de los comics =)

24/Abr/00 Hi there! First I wanna say thanks to Red Draco for awarding my site ... Ah, something to be glad between all I have to say. Anyway these days I haven't been drawing so much as normal. As I said some time ago I ended my studies and nothing will be the same anymore in my life. Two weeks ago I got a new "time and mental" exigent job wich is in no way art related ... I studied 6 years for this and I wanna accept this new challenge, so I want you understanding that I need some time to put some order in my life before I can handle the site and the work together as I handled the site and studies the last year ... Boy, last year was great in the artist sense. Now I want to succed in my engineer side. But don't worry, I won't close my site just like that! I mean, com'on, to draw cost me so much as studies and I woth a lot both things! This account is almost filled but I don't care, I can open a new account if I want. The problem is the time and I'm the only one able to solve it with organization. I wanna left you this Old Gallery 3 with images hidden for a long while. Gosh, I don't even had time for a new CG! Can u believe it?! Ok see ya in the next update, and remember, this is not a "Good bye, my site is closed, I grew up fellas" message! I don't believe in that sh#$%! >=)

27/Mar/00 Hell yeah! Another big comic is completely translated! Comic 2: "The Brothers Meet"! translated by Shoto Man is online with english text for your enjoyment!! As comic 1, this is a full new experience so go there now! Here I just added a new Iris pic on her Characters page wich I liked a bit more and replaced her previous thumb.

20/Mar/00 Hi there! Yes, at last an update, and a big one! First I wanna say thanks to my friend Shoto Man who is translating to english my Fire Man Comics, this is, he's taking away the spanish text form the oringinal images and replacing them with english text! Hell yeah! You know what I mean, right?! A completely new experience, since his script and english is better than mine! Click here now to check Fire Man vs Tengu Man translated by Shoto Man! And he has more to come! ^_^
Of course after almost a month I have some new stuff here! The front image is changed in the home page. The new look of the Characters section at last is here and it's got a lot of new CGs ... I specially like the set of images of Balandra! The Art and About pages at last look better with new sections and images (the about me page is a little old, though). Wow! Lot's of things to do til my next update! Here I ended my university studies (Heck, six years ended just like that!) and now I got a job a month ago which is taking a lot of my time .... I'm still off line, well, you know what I'm gonna say ... less free and internet time than ever ;_; I guess this is called a transition in my life and I'm trying to take it the best I can. Anyway, I'll try to keep going with my dear site and stay in contact with all of you. I have TONS of artist projects waiting. It will take years, but I'll reach my goals! =)

21/Feb/00 Oh, well ... The love month is almost ending. Everybody had a good valentine day? If you hadn't, look at this. I hope she's the only one in that situation ^_^. I'm working hard here. Later!

08/Feb/00 Cielos! Al fin una actualización en español! La verdad es que la página de inicio estaba bien fea y ya era hora de arreglarla. ¿Por qué he dejado de actualizar tan seguido? Seguramente ya lo leyeron en la página home ... Si no, adelante! No hay mucho que ver a parte del nuevo look de la página de comics y la información de cómo contactarme. Si quieren ver mi nuevo proyecto de cómic, hagan click aquí. ¡Nos vemos!

08/Feb/00 Ok, 2-digits will be enough in this page ^^. Hey there! I'm alive and working a lot in a new MMX comic. Adding that to the fact I'm still offline, we get an even smaller update rate. Heck! You can see a preview of that new comic here! I've added some new links and joined some new ... uhm ... webrings (?). Just check them out until my new comic emerges! It'll be great!

18/Jan/2000 Hey! That date took too much space ^^. Maybe the 2-digits format came back again around 2050 ... dunno. Well, I'm glad at last I could make this first update of the year. Being offline sucks but I'm alive, rely on that. I guess this site is taking some structure so I added an overview page called What the Heck is Fire Man Lives ... nice name, uh? And that section is got some of my latest images! Check them! By the other hand, the Translation of Comic 4 at last is here! Right now I think Comic 4 was the last one in Spanish, but that may change. Honestly, to create comics makes me learn to draw a little faster, so I guess if I make them on English, I'll learn English faster too (what a conclusion). I was fixing the other comics translations because they had some grammar errors, you may chek them later. The whole English Version pages were fixed in fact. I also uploaded something like the Making of Comic 4. There aren't new comics, but the main Comics page is more organized now. I'm glad for the cool comments that most of you telled me ... I said it before, you're great, and that pushes me to do it better. I'm still offline, maybe that's the reason I'm writing so much here ... anyway this is like my pseudo-diary, isn't? I'll try to update again soon as time, studies and internet access let me!

29/Dic/99 Another year is gone ... This month was so cool cause I was able to update my page almost weekly ... I think it was like a goodbye or something ... cause I know I won't be able to update so often at least during this first new month ... anyway thanks for all folks! Check my new year page! ^_^ See ya soon!

23/Dic/99 Mail problem! #$$%!!?? Why this just happens to me right now in this week!! Sorry to all you guys, please check my new Contact Me page for more info cause I changued my mail again :( . I can't avoid that a lot of people will hate me for that mail problem, but it's totally out of my hands... Well, I'm sad for that know, the good news is that I ended that Zero Iris comic ... I was with very good humor when I drawed and inked it, it's funny and it's not serious like the Fire Man ones. I would like to have that good humor now ... but that mail problem made me berserker!! Just enjoy it and don't flame me .... much ^^ See-ya after the Holidays! Me voy a emplutar con mis panas!!! JA JA JA!! Living la vida loca!! Ya sabes!

20/Dic/99 Oh godie! At last I ended that #$%$&$ Assembler university project that was taking ALL my free time. It's so silly but, heh, now I have pretty basic knowledge on programing ^_^ BTW I still had time to draw that Poor Iris comic  that you saw and now I'm working in another even better 4 pages comic with Zero and Iris. My friends (yeah, the I_ can_ see_ them_face friends) founded it funny so I'll share it with you soon! X-mas is coming! It's too soon, but if I can't see ya before that : Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad! Merry Xmas! ^_^

14/Dic/99 A moment of inspiration. I was in the middle of some rude university projects and BANG, I felt the need to draw this one page comic ... For the records, it takes me less than 20 minutes... so the artwork isn't so great (a no inked comic), but I found it funny. Don't know ^_^, just check it and enjoy. Hell, almost forget, it's in full english!!
E. Visitors: AT LAST! >:/

08/Dic/99 Whohooo! It looks like Comic 4 kicked asses! I'm really happy! Thanks everybody for the great comments and reviews. I'm even more happy cause a lot of people discovered it for his own (sorry if I don't had time to e-mail you but I'm reallllllly busy now with university projects) ^_^ That means that people is acutally checking my site frequently (brrrrrr!! scary!) And I'm sure everybody who is reading this has already checked our new frames look, the X-mas page and the other small cool things that I made with the English site, like the revamp of the ex-fan art section, now called Fire Art! Heheh! I specially liked the Xmas CG, it's been a long time since my last CG, now I feel better. Well, now I'll disappear for a while during the translation of Comic 4. (I'm still tired of the inking process!!)

01/Dic/99 Tell the world that Comic 4 at last is here.

01/Dic/99 La espera ha terminado. La más grande batalla, Comic 4, finalmente está aquí.

26/Nov/99 Ops, this news are in english, heheh, sorry (that was for my spanish fellas) There's only one more page to ink. Comic 4 will be here darn soon. But, I can't resist to test a frame based page, so I did it at the spanish site. If you want, you can check it here. Any comment is welcome. The only important changues are the links. Comic 4 will be here next week. Get ready!

19/Nov/99 Sólo pasaba por aquí para decir que sigo con vida ^_^ y que Comic 4 va 75% entintado .... "comic 4, comic 4" Aggghhhhh ... ya quiero sacar esa palabrita de mi cabeza. Me estoy tardando demasiado, pero la universidad está bien exigente ... ahora ya me tienen programando en ensamblador y esto de la programación está full cool. El comic 4 está quedando poderosísimo y hablo de él en porcentajes porque cuando lo suba su número de páginas va ha ser la sorpresota, je je je ... >=D Lo malo es que estoy viendo bien negro el futuro de mi página a partir del 1ro de de Enero del 2000 ... y no hablo del Y2K! Esperemos que nada malo ocurra (GULP!)

09/Nov/99 It's growing, it's growing! It seems like everybody liked the new layout of my site! Hell yeah! Well, now I've openned the new Old Gallery 2 with cool memories of great artwork that was in my site at its early months and other hidden images that were uploaded but never published in any page. Well ... most oldie images aren't so great now that I saw them again ... cause I became a little better drawer ^_^ (practice, remember?). Anyway, judge yourself ... And keep drawing! Almost forget ... fixed the HTML code error in the "japanesse" banner!

09/Nov/99 Corregido el error en el código HTML del banner japonés. Ahora sí debe funcionar XD

04/Nov/99 ¡Aquí estoy de nuevo! ¿Hemos vuelto a las actualizaciones semanales? Ojalá. Al parecer Geocities nos hizo un super regalo a todos cuando nos incremetó el espacio en la cuenta a 15 MB. Creo que quieren que me quede otro año. Estoy feliz de que a todos les haya gustado el nuevo look de mi site. Ahh, la comunidad cibernauta es tan amable. No paren bola y visiten mi nueva Vieja Galeria 2 (¿nueva vieja ... ? ©_©) con recuerdos tanto para los nuevos visitantes como para los viejos. Comic 4 va 45 % entintado ... mas o menos :D

27/Oct/99 ¡¡Fire Man Vive hoy cumple un año!! ¿Pueden creerlo? Happy Birthday to you Fire Man! Incluso yo estoy asombrado. Quizas lo más perturbador es haber hecho tan poco en tanto tiempo. o_O Whoah! Ya empecé a boconear. Je je, lo siento... Y es que la verdad hay muchas cosas nuevas. Nuevo look. Nuevos fondos. Nuevo formato. ¿Y el cómic 4? Snif, sigue entintándose ... Agh, qué coraje, Yo quería que estuviera aquí para esta fecha. Pero así es la vida. Bueno, qué esperaban. Dejé marginado el cómic para hacer todo esto. ¿Esta bacán, sí o no? Al fin abrí algunas secciones, como la de Plot Line, la cual tiene dibujos desde 1993 y explica el desarrollo de mi versión de Mega Man. Si eres curioso dale una mirada (y chequea lo feo que dibujaba, BWHAAAAA!) Pero si buscas los mejores dibujos (bueno, los más recientes) hice algunos experimetos de Manga looking y los puse en la sección Mis imágenes, y si quieren lean algo del texto que por allí dejé regado ^_^ Tenemos también la sección Requerimientos, la cual está demasiado, uhm, normal para mi gusto. En fin, una sección extra es una sección extra. Tenemos un nuevo Fan Art en la sección Arte Fan. Nuevos sprites en la sección Sprites. Nuevo banner en la sección .... adivinen. Nuevos enlaces y algunos dibujillos en la sección de Links. Al fin he concluido la sección Circulos de la Muerte, con los círculos de Mega Man 7 y 8, así como Rock Man & Forte. Y cómo puedo olvidar los nuevos super looking de la página Home e Index. He cambiado contadores, puse un nueva publicidad de Comic 4, qué problemas. ¡Al menos creo que ese index está poderosísimo! He revisado cada una de mis páginas y en las más viejas por lo menos he cambiado el tipo de letra y los fondos. Es decir, Fire Man Vive es ahora una experiencia visual totalmente nueva. Todo esto en honor a los artistas aficionados, los cómics, el manga, el anime y al grandioso Guerrero de Cabellos de Fuego. Gracias a todos ustedes por hacer todo esto posible. ¡Envíen dibujos o comentarios, firmen el guestbook, lo que sea! ¡Todos están invitados a ser parte de esta gran fiesta!

27/Oct/99 Today Fire Man Lives is one year old!! Can u believe it? Happy Birthday Fire Man! What can I say. I love my dear site. But a lot of things have changued among all this time. I'm not talking about backgrounds or layout. I'm talking about the way I see my website. After all it has too many original drawings. Now I feel that it has not the correct orientation. Is this a Mega Man site? An artist site? A comic site? What a dilema! Anyway, I guess I'll work on it for a long while. We have coming Comic 4, remenber? Yeah, sadly it's not ready yet, cause I wanted to changue the looking of the entire site. If you don't mind for the spanish, you can see great manga looking images here (but remeber to come back whit the Back button in your browser). We have some new links and images there. Some new Sprites. At last the Rings of Death section is done with the MM7, 8 and Rock Man & Forte rings. A new banner and new art in the Fan Art section! And did you see the new splash page aka index? It has a new darn cool Fire Man artwork waiting for you! I've done a complete remake of all the oldie pages, new font and some new backgrounds, so right now Fire Man Lives is a completely new visual experience! You, american guys kick butt. This month (October/99) the engish counter beated the spanish counter. I'm happy and impressed, but sad cause I wasn't able to translate all the spanish sections that I have done now. I owe you that and more, guys. I have more english Guestbook entries than spanish. This means a lot to me! I'll try to work harder in my english site soon as I can!  You're invited to view the whole place and have fun in this big party! Send me any gift image, comment or just put everything what you want in my guestbook! ^_^The Warrior with Hair of Fire will live for a long while!

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